Frank J. Casler and Susan E. (Zellweger) Casler

This marriage was made in heaven, but so was lightening and thunder!

The Casler's have moved:           



After living in Broadalbin for over 20 years we pulled up stakes and moved to a country spot with 12 acres.  Susan can have her goats and chickens and I can ride around mowing and farming again.  yahoo! 

 This is what the
 view is from the
 road.  The house
 sits direct center
 of the 12 acres
 and up on the

 Another look from
 down the driveway
 in June.


 A look at the 
 rear from the 
 other corner.

 Here is a more recent
 view from the back with
 the new grape fence
 around the patio area.


This is the frontal view with the Forsithia still in bloom.  The  home has lot's of room.  It has a full laundry room, beautiful working kitchen, an upstairs loft, a huge master bedroom with master bath including whirlpool, nice fireplace, huge basement, huge garage, lot's of storage space, etc...

 Here is a look at one side of 
 the  master bedroom. as you
 can see the dog has his own


The fireplace.


 Front side of the dining area.


     other side.

 One side of kitchen.









  This is the den which is
 opposite the sun room. 

 This is the living room area looking from the dining
  room toward the bedroom direction.

  I bought my tractor!  hah!
  To the right is the new tractor
 which no longer looks so clean
 and shiny. 
  I let the wife sit on it.
 She drove it once too.


  And yes, we have chickens.  Each and 

  every day we get 14 nice big brown

  eggs.  Sure beats the eggs in the




Of course... it's not such a great thing every morning  and every evening out to the coop in the winter.  Plus there is the cleaning of the coop too.  Susan usually does that, after all they are her girls.

We have one rooster.  After watching them for almost two years now I really do know what being hen-pecked means. 

  When we bought the place the acreage was covered by
  hay that was 5 ft tall so we got the Amish to harvest it.
  The Amish farmer cuts while the kids watch in the

The horses come around the corner for another pass.  Soon it will be all mowed lawn.

 And now the grass gets mowed with modern machine. 
  Our daughter Heather likes to ride on JD.


I almost forgot about the barn.  We have a large
polebarn that needs some work ( a new roof by November) but will be great when I am done with it.    hah!

Ok- I'll update whan I get a chance.   
There is still lot's to do. 

Under construction- please come back
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