Frank J. Casler and Susan E. (Zellweger) Casler

This marriage was made in heaven, but so was lightening and thunder!

THE CASLER FAMILY- Frank, Susan, Heather and Corky

The two pictures at the top of this page were taken many years ago.  The young man and young lady had no idea they would someday meet.  You see, they were only in second grade.  


 Frank J. Casler, Jr, attending second grade at Durhamville Grade School.

           Susan E. Zelleger attending second grade at Seneca Street School in Oneida.
               Just 6 miles from Durhamville where Frank was being schooled.

They did eventually meet, however, at a Carrols Resturant (now called Burger King) where Frank was employed.  Frank was working with one of Susan's girlfriends.  One day during a break Frank sat down and had a soda with Susan.  They did not see one another again for almost two years.  Frank lived in an apartment on Broad Street in Oneida, NY in 1975.  This was just a few blocks from where Susan lived on Cleveland Avenue.  One day that very same mutual friend drove by Frank's apartment and Susan was with her.  Sue recognized Frank sitting on his front porch.  They stopped...  AND NOW YOU KNOW THE REST OF THE STORY...

  Daughter Heather Kristen Casler was born November 3, 1980 
 Isn't she cute!

Then the little baby Heather          
began to grow...

 She always wanted to be
 an  exhibitionist and go
 horseback riding in the nude.

 I hope she has outgrown that now!



And then... whata ya know... she 
  graduated from high school.

And she has 
  also gone to college and earned
  her  Batchelor's Degree.  Will wonders never



Here you see the wedding announcement. 
Frank and Susan were married August 27, 1977.


This photo was taken at
the 25th wedding anniversary party. 
Daughter Heather is on
the left with
Frank in center
and Susan on right.



    Here is our dog Corky.  He replaced our last 
  dog named Promise that we had for 15 years.
  It was a very sad time when Promis died but
  Corky has filled the void.

Last year we visited the local animal shelter and my wife couldn't leave without adopting this white sheepdog named Nemo.  So now Corky has a buddy.  When they get rough-housing you need to stay out of their way. 

  Lastly we ended up with this psycho alley cat and his 
  name is Otis T. Spunkenmier.  He is the terror of the


The photo above is Frank and Susan just before the wedding attending a party in 1975.

The photo below shows them at a wedding reception in the mid eighties.

And below a similar photo in 2007.  How did they get so old so fast???






OK! Don't sweat the small stuff...
           and it's all small stuff!!
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