Frank J. Casler and Susan E. (Zellweger) Casler

This marriage was made in heaven, but so was lightening and thunder!

Period Music                

(You are listening to a song called Rorate played by the band in a live setting.  You can operate the music player at bottom of the page.)

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Liaisons Plaisantes is the house band at Johnson Hall in Johnstown, NY.  The Hall is a baronial mansion originally built by Sir William Johnson and is now a state historical site. 

The band is living history band performing music mostly from before the American Revolution.  Attired in period clothing they attempt to present as pure a presentation possible as to how it might have been at an event in the 18th Century.
They play mainly for historical re-enactment events, but also play for an occasional wedding or social event.

 Here you can see
 the group 
  vocalizing. Susan
 is an alto and Sue-
 Ann is a glass-
 breaking soprano.


 Maralee makes music on the whistle during a


 Olof Jansson plays his cello during a
 performance at Johnson Hall.


  The group is posed here at the
 historic Johnson Hall in
 Johnstown,NY.  From left to
 right Ron Burch (piano), Marilee
 Urbanczyk (penny whistle-
 recorder), Sue-Ann Wheadon
 (penny whistle, vocals),  Susan
 Casler (fiddle,clariniet, vocals)
 and Olof Jansson (fiddle, cello).


 Ron Burch
 playing his piano as the
 group entertains at 
 Johnson hall.

Susan is singing while following her
 sheet music folio, dressed in period

Here the group poses at the Eastfield Village for a performance.


  The band plays on...


Susan and her friend Maryann ----->
Liaisons Plaisantes
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